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Heat Pump vs Electric Element

A large resort on the Gold Coast was running both their outdoor spa and pool on electric element heaters at a cost of over $23,000 per year. EVO was a..

Heat Pump vs Natural Gas

An emergency services installation located in Melbourne required the heating of 2 very large tanks in a training centre. EVO modelled the running ..


GLENORCHY ICE RINK INSTALLS LARGE SOLAR PV SYSTEM Southern Air designed engineered and installed the system to maximize the savings 88 S..

Daikin Heatpump Smells

Daikin Unit Smells Does your heatpump smell when you turn it on!! (dirty socks smell) It probably has a build up of Bacteria on the coil caused by po..

Love This Heatpump

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. Real People / Real Service ..

Daikin’s Most Energy Efficient Heatpump

Daikins Most efficent Unit ever. In Hobart Daikin is hot when you are not ! Latest consumer research shows Daikin is a trusted name which people p..

Daikin Produces its First Hot Water Heat Pump

Daikin Hot Water Heat pump is almost here as first prototype rolls out. Models Expected to be available late 2012 early 2013 Daikin is aiming to prod..

Daikin Heatpump Pricing Reduced

Daikin together with Southern Air have reduced prices dramatically. Until the end of May 2012 there will be reduced pricing accross the Daiki..

Solar Rebate Reduces

The Govt Solar Rebate Scheme will reduce the rebate value in 60 Days ! Don't miss out on valuable Govt dollars if you are thinking about Sola..

Southern Air Solar Installation Experts

Southern Air recognizes the value of Grid Connected Solar to our Customers. We can offer our same high quality obligation free in home quotation Servi..

More about Heat Pumps in Tasmania

Without expert advice and professional installation, your heat pump may be too small for the job and won’t heat the space effectively. On th..

"Electricity Bill High"

Received your lastest Aurora Bill By now you would have received your lastest Aurora Bill and found that is was more expensive than you thought. ..

Cleaning Ducted Unit filters

Ducted system filter cleaning instructions The most important thing with ducted heat pumps is to clean the filter. If the filter gets clogged up w..

Cleaning wall mount filters

Split filter cleaning instructions It doesn't take long for those air filters to get all dusty and grimy. Clean these filters fortnightly, by vacu..

Heat your Spa with a Heatpump

Spa Heater With our Evoheat, Spa Heater you’re able to relax. Our Hot Tub Heater and small pool heating device, known as the For..