Stay warm with efficiently heating for your home.

Don't wait to you are cold before switching on your heating as heating your home will take longer
when it's cold outside.
Also it will cost more as when using a heat pump trying to extract heat from the outside air is easier
when its warmer outside.
So turn it on before your ready to sit down so your comfortable when you do.

Do I leave my unit running over night???

This is a question asked by many as there are many right answers such as...

  • Am I home all day ?

         No I work all day so I will use the timer function to bring my Heater on an hour before I get home.

  • Is it cold outside ?

         For about 3-4 weeks a year I will leave on heater on 24-7 to keep the core of the house warm.

  • Do I want to be warm all the time ?

         No I like to sleep on the cool side so I set my thermostat to 13 or 14 Deg C overnight.

  • I don't care what my bill is going to be I just want to be warm !!

         I leave my heater on 21 Deg C all winter.

  • I want to save money but be warm!!

        I use my timer all the time, I turn my unit off 30mins after I get into bed and start it up 1 hour

        before I get up and turn the thermostat down through the day if its cold through the day I

        can adjust the thermostat up or put a jumper on!