Daikin Heat Pump Products

The L series heatpumps are Daikins most efficent ever. 

Daikin is a world leader in efficent heat pumps and air conditioning systems. Daikin’s advanced technology is focused on bringing climate controlled comfort to places where people live, work, meet and relax. Daikin Inverter models are very reliable even in extremes weather even when the mercury soars to as high as 46ºC or as falls to as low as minus 15ºC when heating. Daikin products are available from their network of Daikin specialist dealers who will ensure you get the right heat pump or air conditioning system to suit your needs.

Daikin's Acclaimed Difference

Many Daikin Heat Pumps & air conditioning systems have received the Top Energy Saver Award, an award system created by governments to recognise the most efficient star-rated products on the market.

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Altherma Hydronic System - Daikin

distributes warmth around the home

supplies you with your domestic hot water needs

Daikin Ducted System

eliminate excessive cooling and heating

save money on energy costs

Daikin split system heat pump

outdoor condenser

circulates either warm or cool air.


Super Efficient

superior humidification control


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