Ducted Heat Pumps & Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Heating Systems can be installed in either roof space or under the floor with minimum fuss. Air grills strategically located throughout your home can deliver hot or cold air to condition that area, a return air grill delivers the air back to the indoor unit for re heating or cooling and in this process the whole home is heated or cooled at an even rate.

Ducted systems are surely the ultimate in comfort. Discreet ceiling vents throughout your home will quietly and efficiently distribute the conditioned air. The return air grille contains a washable filter that filters the air passing through it. This means that not only is your room the perfect temperature, but dust and dirt particles are also filtered out.


Remote controllers allow you to set your desired temperature, chose energy saving and other modes, and set timers for the air conditioning to start and stop automatically at the times you choose. The remote systems include a wired remote controller, a simplified wired remote and a remote sensor.

Room Temperature Sensors

The sensor constantly monitors the room temperature, and switches the unit on or off to achieve the exact temperature you've selected. You have the option to preset different temperatures for day or night.

Indoor Units

The indoor unit is installed in the ceiling cavity of your home. The evaporator coil within the indoor unit conditions the air from the room. The fan inside the indoor unit then circulates the conditioned air back into the room. This way you can enjoy Fujitsu comfort all year round.

Outdoor Units

The outdoor unit is installed on the outside of your home. It is connected to the indoor unit via interconnecting pipe work which carries the refrigerant. The compressor in the outdoor unit circulates the refrigerant between the indoor and the outdoor units.

Browse our Ducted Heat Pump Range

Altherma Hydronic System - Daikin

distributes warmth around the home

supplies you with your domestic hot water needs

Daikin Ducted System

eliminate excessive cooling and heating

save money on energy costs

Fujitsu Ducted Heating System

quiet, efficient operation

optimum performance

Fujitsu Ducted Systems

multiple room heating

high efficiency DC fan motors

Mitsubishi Ducted Heating System

power inverter technology

energy savings


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