Heater Selection

Heater Selection
For effective and efficient performance of your heating system, it is essential to size the heating system’s output to the area, or room size being heated. Factors which impact the heating effectiveness, such as insulation, building construction etc. must also be allowed for by applying the “Correction Factors” below.
  • Determine the correct wattage needed for a room built to current construction standards.
  • Ceiling insulation rated at minimum R2.5  - Ceiling height up to 3.0 meters  - Window coverings with insulating properties.
  • External wall insulation rated at minimum R1.5  - Window area up to 35% of external wall area

Measure the width (W) and length (L) of the room in meters.  Determine the wattage needed to heat the room. Rooms with an irregular shape, or with an adjoining open space such as an entry/hallway, can be sized by “squaring” them off to make several rectangles, and totaling the wattage required. Wattage required is typically 100 watts per square meter.


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