Mains Upgrades

This is the cable which delivers power from the front of your home to the meters, it can come underground of overhead from power poles.


Are you installing new equipment for heating cooking or just increasing your home in size.
The Mains power cable from your meters to the Aurora connection point maybe too small.
Electricity is like water, if you keep adding to a sprinkler system without increasing the size of the main feed line, the water at each sprinkler head will get less and less until there is not enough pressure to operate properly.
Electricity is the same, if you keep drawing more power from the main line without increasing it (Mains Upgrade) the quality of power will diminish and cables can increase in temperature sometimes to dangerous levels causing fires.
These works can be carried out in a day with minimum disruption.

A mains upgrade can cost approx $1,500.00 but it is a worth while investment.

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