DRYZONE 50 Watt De-humidifying Radiant Heaters

DRYZONE 50 Watt De-humidifying Radiant Heaters help prevent costly damage and inconvenience caused by dampness and humidity.

A solution for humidity - designed to produce a gentle, even radiant heat at a low temperature, the DRYZONE can help to keep any storage space safe, dry and free from dampness, humidity, mould and mildew. Safe and silent operation - silent, maintenance free operation is assured.

The unique element used in the DRYZONE heaters enable the heat to be spread evenly over the entire heater surface, enabling efficient heat output at a very low temperature. There are no hot spots to cause overheating and an internal safety cut out thermostat ensures peace of mind.

Heated propagation - the secret of the professionals

You now have access to the secret known by the professionals for years. By using bottom heat propagation systems, you'll have the benefit of controlled growing conditions. This promotes faster and healthier growth, and the opportunity to grow exotic plants, flowers, herbs and cacti all year round.

Control at your fingertips

Some models come with built in 0-40ºC thermostat. So it's as easy as turning the dial to achieve exact temperature control.

The high-tech heating element guarantees even heat distribution, ensuring direct heat penetration to the roots of the plant.

Propagation tray with four models to suit your needs.With 4 different models to choose from, you can be sure that there is an ideal propagation unit to suit your needs and budget. Models are available from a single tray, to a 4 unit tray.

  • Constructed of a high-impact polystyrene casing.
  • Water resistant (not waterproof).
  • Designed to meet Australian standards.
  • All models come with a two-metre cord and plug.
  • Thermostat models have a temperature accuracy of + to - 3°C.

Thermostat models come with felt capillary matting. This must be kept damp to ensure effective heat transfer to the roots of the plants. Heated propagation trays are designed for use in conjunction with the TPS TOP Clear Top plastic cover. This creates a mini-greenhouse effect for ideal growing conditions and optimum propagating



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