Radiant Heating in Hobart

Fan-forced electric heat is not new. It's been around for more than a century, making bathrooms, small offices, rumpus rooms, breezeways, or little-used rooms more comfortable at an instant's notice.

A large number of space heaters have the problem of not producing enough heat, without the addition of a fan. They usually work best only if the fan is incorporated, after which they will work to their full potential. Space heater fans are needed in order to spread the heat, efficiently throughout the whole room. This makes them ideal, especially for large rooms where small, traditional heaters may not work so much.

The concept is simple: A fan blows air across an electric heating element and is controlled by a built-in thermostat. Everything is contained in a compact unit. You get 100 percent efficient heating, low-cost installation, and low-maintenance operation.

Today's units are more reliable, quiet, and attractive than ever before. They can be sized precisely and individually controlled, meaning you'll use energy only when you need it.

Most models today come with timers to cycle the heating at different times throughout the day or week.


  • As a common rule, you should allow 1000 watts (1kW) of heat for every 10 square meters of area.
  • If the roof height is greater than 2.4 meters, a higher wattage size than the one calculated above is recommended.
  • Running costs are based on a tariff of 12.75 cents per kilowatt hour (check your local energy provider for actual power costs) and assumes standard roof and wall insulation.
  • The running costs noted, assumes the heater has been correctly sized for the area requiring heating and that the heater output cuts to low element once a comfortable room temperature is reached.


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