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Daikin Service Centre Hobart

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

In Tasmania Daikin takes pride in supporting its customers, we offer only experienced factory trained technicians with up to date knowledge.

When calling please have your unit details on hand. These details include:

  • Model No.
  • Serial No.
  • Date of Purchase

Before booking a technician, please feel free to check through our Diagnostic Checklist – It could save time and money

Are the air filters clean?

Filters need to be cleaned a minimum of every 8 weeks (See our Videos for instructions on cleaning)

Check the mode settings

Make sure you have the correct setting for Heating or Cooling --- SUN Symbol is for Heating, SNOWFLAKE symbol for Cooling.

Power surges or radio waves?

The heatpump may fault with power surges or radio waves, turn off the power at meter box, leave for about 10 minutes, and turn back ON again and try operating the Heatpump with the remote controller. 

Check the remote control batteries

To change the batteries, slide the lower remote control panel down until it stops, then give it an extra pull to slide the cover completely off . The batteries should now be exposed. (See our video on changing batteries)


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