Large Solar operators are fast on talking and slow on service !!

Southern Air is a Tasmanian owned and operated company, we have qualified tradesmen to help with any questions and problems if they arise.

In Hobart Solar panels grid connected and mounted on your roof can generate enough power to run appliances in your home and still have enough left over to sell back to Aurora.

Grid connected PV systems (Photovoltaic) which has the potential to save thousands of dollars over the life of the system. Installing solar panels future proofs you from further electricity rises

As part of our outstanding service we not only personalise your system to suit your home, but answer any questions on site and provide a written quotation with no hidden costs.

1. A well designed system can generate approx 15% return on investment which is far better than bank interest and is Tax free.

2. One Solar panel generates approx 250 watts of electricity, Solar panels which you have probably you have probably seen on your neighbors home are approx this size.

3. An inverter, this usually mounts close to your power switchboard and converts the DC voltage produced by the panels to 230volts AC which can be used by your home or the surplus sold to your electricity supplier.

To install an efficient 3kw system you will require approx 19 square mtrs of north facing roof space and a small amount of space beside your switchboard.

We use only quality equipment Solar PV Systems which are to Australian standards.

Systems can be mounted on Tile or Corrugated Iron roof's, It takes approx 1 day to install a 3 kw system.

Your electricity provider has to approve the installation before any work starts this normally takes approx 10-14 days then your system can be installed the following week.

The Govt Solar scheme offer rebates in the form of STC"s (REC's) the amount of STC's depends on the size of the system chosen.

More information on STC's is available on the Office  of Renewable Energy Regulator's website.


Solar Explaination.jpg

How the System Works

As you can see on the drawing to the right, this is how the basic solar installation operates.

The panels generate DC power and input into the inverter converting the power to 230 Volts AC ready to use by your Appliances or sell to your electricity supplier.

Not only will solar panels reduce or eliminate power bills but add considerable value to your home.

Installing solar panels future proofs you from further electricity rises as you are either using the power you make or selling it back to the electricity retailer.

When your power price increases so does the savings and your power bill rebate.