Southern Air has been a leader in supply and installation of refrigeration installations throughout Tasmania for over 25 years. If you've ever purchased goods at Woolworth’s, BWS or have lettuce in your sandwiches, Southern Air  have most likely been involved in preserving the quality and freshness of your products.

We can design systems from the smallest under bench cabinet to coolrooms with 100 cubic meter capacity. Williams Refrigeration is one of our major suppliers offering outstanding quality in standalone cabinet quality. 

We can arrange for the design manufacture and installation from the largest coolroom to the smallest kitchen cabinet.

As a specialist service provider to the hospitality industry, our portfolio includes a wide range of food manufacturers, cafés, food wholesalers and distributors. 

As a licensed company, Southern Air comprises of qualified technicians who maintain superior workmanship. Our customer service is second to none, and our dedication to delivering cost effective, timely and tailored solutions will ensure your complete satisfaction.


Cool Freezer Rooms

Whilst many clients know exactly what they want, sometimes expert knowledge input is required so expensive repairs or modifications can be avoided. Apart from the obvious physical size, not all coolrooms and freezers are the same as refrigeration, humidity, location, racking and shelving, duty cycle etc all play a part in combining to finalize the specification in order to obtain a relevant quotation.


  • High strength to weight ratio means significant savings by minimising steel framework and load bearing foundations.

  • The light weight of the panel means easier handling, eliminating the need for expensive lifting equipment.

  • The prefinished skins create savings on the costs of follow up trades and virtually eliminate on going maintenance costs.

  • Excellent thermal qualities of the panel help reduce the consumption of power thus providing savings with operational costs and energy resource

Upright Cabinets

We understand the importance of displaying food and beverages in the best possible manner, and take this into account in all stages of product design. Lighting, space for branding, mirrored doors for product depth and maximum bottle loadings are just some of the features that promote the aesthetics of your products, while at the same time ensuring we use smaller, more powerful, higher performing fan motors that result in outstanding chilling  and maximum energy efficiency to give you greater savings.